The role of content in community building: a complete guide

Content matters.

As we've built Superwave, that's been a recurring theme in our conversations with community leaders. But why is content so important to communities? Here’s a guide to what we’ve heard, and what we’re doing about it. 

Why content matters 🎥

Content increases in value over time

While many conversations will be ephemeral, good content increases in value over time as it's discovered and shared. That makes content a uniquely valuable medium to engage your community members on an ongoing basis.

Content is a value driver for “lurkers”

Community members that aren’t ready to be active participants in a community’s conversations often find value in content. Content analytics and insights also present an opportunity to better understand what these members care about. 

Content enables a personalized experience

As a community grows, it becomes increasingly important to personalize the experience of members. Content can be created for and shared with segments of your community to ensure they’re finding things that are relevant to them. 

Content can drive monetization

For those communities that have some level of paid access, private content is a great way to deliver more value to premium members, or to pursue a freemium community strategy.

Content supports community acquisition

Content can be utilized to drive discovery of a community via search indexing, SEO metadata and sharing capabilities, helping more potential members to find your community.

Using content in Superwave 🤝

With the above in mind, we've been working to create a better content experience with: 

A content library with structured content types

When both content and conversation live in the same medium (messages or posts), content can be difficult to discover and to utilize. So we've created a separate content library with specific content types (videos, articles, files, etc.) that enable your content to flourish. 

Fast content imports

Importing content to Superwave is as easy as adding a link from Youtube, your blog, or wherever else your content exists. And, coming soon, bulk and automated imports of content.

Content widgets for your homepage

The Home page in Superwave is entirely customizable, and allows you to put your content front and center so that your members can find it. 

Sharing content to channels

Superwave’s ‘Share to channel’ feature for content allows your content to be connected with your channels, enabling more conversations and better discovery. 

More content discovery with collections

Superwave makes it simple to organize your content (and even your messages) around the topics that matter to your community with our Collections concept. 

Content insight with Mission Control

The Mission Control page in Superwave provides valuable insights that help you to understand which content resonates most with your members, enabling data-driven content strategies.

Content categorization and access control with tags (coming soon)

We’ll shortly have member tags that will allow access to content to be restricted to certain members, followed by content tags that will allow for content categorization, filtering and recommendation. 

The future of content 🔮

Moving forward, we'll continue to push the boundaries of what's possible with content, bringing tagging, automated content imports, and much more insight in Mission Control. We'd love to hear your thoughts, and if you're interested in using Superwave to get more value from your content, you can request beta access above.