Making content discovery effortless with Collections ✨

Here at Superwave, we believe that content is one of the core drivers of value in a community, alongside conversations and connections. Numerous discussions with community leaders, however, have made it clear that many communities are getting less value from their content than they'd like. This is most often because content shared to a channel or a feed loses most of its visibility once it scrolls out of view, or because content lives in a different platform than conversations.

“We have great conversations and answers to important questions, but they get lost in channels and end up having very little long-term value”

After receiving these insights, we asked ourselves how could we:

💡Organise and create purpose around content and conversations

💡Make discovery of valuable content and conversations easier

💡Help community managers turn ephemeral content into evergreen content

Introducing Collections

Collections is our attempt to provide a meaningful solution to the challenge of content discovery in a community. This feature enables community managers to save any piece of content within their community to a collection, allowing it to be preserved, re-referenced, and easily discovered by community managers as well as search engines.

We wanted community managers to have flexibility in their different use cases for Collections, so we also found it important to support reordering collection items, as well as adding a title, banner image and description. In doing so, we aim to encourage providing additional context for their members and increase the likelihood of members interacting with Collections.

Some of our favourite use cases for Collections

While this is just the beginning for Collections, we are already seeing some exciting use cases, some of our favourites being:

Getting started guide

A collection that provides comprehensive onboarding materials for new members joining a community such as video tutorials, articles and guides for writing a compelling introduction.

Content types: Articles, Videos

Event recordings

A collection of videos that helps members catch up on past community events

Content types: Videos

Product knowledgebase

A collection of articles, video tutorials and guides that help members make the most of their product.

Content types: Files, Articles, Videos

These are just a few examples of how we are seeing Collections being utilised, and we look forward to seeing many more creative ways of using this feature. Our goal is to offer community managers a powerful tool to curate, showcase, and present valuable resources to their community in a structured and user-friendly manner.

What’s next for Collections

This is only our first iteration of collections, and as we continue to refine and expand this feature, we have exciting plans for its future development. Some of our planned improvements include:

  • Custom visibility settings, enabling relevant audiences to discover Collections more easily.  
  • Collections widget that community managers can add to their homepages or pin to specific channels, ensuring easy access to curated content. 
  • Collaborative Collections, allowing community members to save and reference their own content for a personalised experience within the community..

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