The modern way to build a community

Designed for better connection, conversation and content, Superwave is the community
platform that's your partner in keeping your members engaged.

How we partner with communities:

The community flywheel

Community building isn't easy. We're here to help you every step of the way.

Superwave is designed to help you and your members create better content, conversations and connections.
We help your members personalize their experience, so they can find the things they care about, and can ignore the rest.
Deep insights help you better understand what your members care about, for even better content creation next time around.

Better conversations, content and connection

Give your members a reason to keep coming back to your community with modern tools for conversation, content and connection.

Channel discussions
Create public or private channels for relevant topics in your community.
A rich content library
Import your videos, files, articles, podcasts to share with your members.
Curate with collections
Collections enable you to organize your content and make it discoverable.
Host engaging events
Share your workshops, webinars, livestreams and more.

"Superwave is the only community tool I've used that puts community thinking at the heart of their product. They're not trying to recreate what exists, they're re-thinking what community should be.

As a community person, my work feels fun again."


Keep your members coming back

With an affordable branded app, a personalized member experience and intelligent notifications, Superwave helps to keep your members engaged.

Smart notifications
Granular notifications allow members to follow what they care about.
Branded mobile app
An affordable branded app with push notifications enabled.
Targeted mentions
Mention members or groups to notify them of important happenings.
Member groups
Use tags to group members for
targeting and access controls.

A deeper understanding of your community

Superwave's Mission Control gives you one place to go to find, and act on, the most important things happening in your community

Member activity
Get visibility on your most, and
least, engaged members
Content insights
Understand what content is really
resonating with your members
Message insights
Get a window into your most
important, active conversations

It’s been about 3 days since soft launching with Superwave — so far so good! I’ve gotten compliments on how easy it is to join, use, and engage with the app. I feel the effects of simplicity. 🔥
Members feel confident too.

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