The Lineup #6: Pinning messages and the idea of continuous onboarding

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A Superwave update 🆕

Last week saw the release into the wild of our newest and most requested feature: pinned messages in channels!

📌 Pins in Superwave are prominently displayed alongside your channel, so that you can make sure your members don’t miss the most important things happening in your community.

A highlight from our members ✨

Today we’re shouting out one of our most active community contributors: Anderson Criativo, the CEO of Onovolab, the biggest innovation ecosystem in Brazil 👨🔬Anderson and his team will soon launch Onovolab’s first digital community, and we can’t to help them get up and running!

A thought from the Superwave team

Heading into the new year we’ll be working on a new concept for Superwave - the idea of ‘continuous onboarding’.

Regardless of whether a member is brand new, or is coming back to your community for the 100th time, your community platform should make sure they’re finding things that are valuable to them. That’s where the idea of continuous onboarding comes from.

If you’d like to be a part of that exploration, just reply to this email, we’d love to hear from you.  

See you on the next wave
Product Director @ Superwave

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