The Lineup #3: Christina Garnett, and gating channel access

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Every other week we’ll be emailing you with one product update, one highlight from our communities and one thought from us. This week we're going to talk about gating channels using member tags, and we'll share Christina Garnett's thoughts on building community at Hubspot.

A Superwave update 🌊

Even more functionality has been added to our member tags feature! Last week we rolled out mentions for member tags, which allow you to send notifications (push, email and in-app) to groups of members for important messages.

And, before the end of this week, we’ll have added the ability to gate access to channels via member tags. Whether you want to monetize your community or just to create sub-groups for smaller conversations, this feature will make your life a heck of a lot easier.

A highlight from our members ✨

This week we’re highlighting some feedback from one of our favourite community managers, Sandy Edwards from Uncommon Creative Studio, as she gets her community up and running:

An idea from the Superwave team 💡

Superwave has been built on the back of a lot of insight from a lot of community experts. One of those experts is the talented Christina Garnett, EMBA. Principal Marketing Manager, Offline Community and Advocacy at HubSpot. She oversees HubFans—a community of more than 6,000 active advocates and she kindly provided us with her top 6 lessons on building community.

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