Hello, Superwave 🏄‍

Welcome to Superwave, where conversation, content and connection converge to create a powerful energy in your community. By redefining how we create and engage in communities, Superwave aims to help more communities realize their potential.

As we embark on this journey, let's dive into the heart of our brand and explore what defines our identity and makes us stand out from the crowd.

Our brand

Our primary goal in developing our brand was to reflect the warmth that we so often see in community leaders and their communities. Specifically, a few traits came to mind:

Personal: Takes the time to get to know you as a person, and to understand your needs.

Helpful: Guides you through your experience as a member, from onboarding to making meaningful connections.

Trustworthy: Creates a clear sense of safety and quality in the community.

Here's how we went about embodying each of those characteristics in our brand.

In search of meaning

In choosing a name for our brand we took inspiration from the idea of a superwave, which is an immense wave of energy that occurs at the confluence of many smaller waves. It encompasses all aspects of our vision, striking a balance between the warmth of the seaside and the power of the ocean.

While the playful fusion of 'Super' and 'Wave' opens the door to many possibilities, we chose to evoke the feeling of calm that can come from proximity to water.

As we explored the world of website design, we found ourselves drawn to the expression of 'superness' through the rhythmic waves and typography.

Building a Superwave identity


The primary mark of our identity is the Superwave logotype. It incorporates a gentle wave motif, creating a rhythmic visual experience.

The logomark embraces the same wave motif, scaled down to reflect the consistency inherent to both waves and community building.

Color palette

In a world where so many software tools choose black, white and saturated blues, we embrace a color palette of soft tones. Desaturated greens, reds and yellows speak to the sense of connection that we see in the best communities.


For our typography we chose Plus Jakarta Sans, a fresh and modern take on geometric sans serif styles that adds a friendly touch to Superwave's visual identity. The x-height dimension is slightly taller to provide clear spaces, and also equipped with open counters and balanced spaces to preserve the legibility at a large range of sizes. This helps to communicate our distinct 'superness' throughout the digital space, leaving a lasting impression.

And we’re not done yet…

Building a brand isn't, of course, as simple as choosing a name and a visual identity. A brand is embodied in daily interactions with customers and in daily product-building decisions. We're only getting started, and we're so excited to work with all of you to build a thriving, sustainable community landscape.