Turn your audience into a vibrant community

Superwave gives you the tools to create a conversation with your audience, so you can deliver even more of what they care about.

Streamable users get 12 months free access. Limited time only.
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Supercharged content capabilities

Easily import your Streamable videos, podcasts, and more into your Superwave community. Share your content with your community members and let the conversations begin.

It’s been about 3 days since soft launching with Superwave — so far so good! I’ve gotten compliments on how easy it is to join, use, and engage with the app. I feel the effects of simplicity 🔥 Members feel confident too.

Sandy Edwards, Uncommon Creative Studio

Channels made for community

Superwave isn't just about content; it's about sparking meaningful conversations. Encourage discussions, gather feedback, and connect with your community members on a deeper level.

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Keep your members coming back

With your own branded app, push and email notifications, your members will never miss a beat.

Such a massive shoutout goes to Superwave for making this possible nearly instantly. The Zapier integration is just getting started, and we're already getting so much value.

Plus - Facebook could never.

Cam Wilson, Marketing at Cents

Your partner in community building

Our mission is to help create value for your members and always keep them coming back for more.

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YouTube integration
Bulk import your video library and keep it automatically updated.
Make it easier for your members to discover relevant content with Collections.
Make your members feel heard with channels designed to spark conversation.
Branded app and notifications
Keep your members up to date with your community activity with granular notifications
Member tags and badges
Gate access to your content, build tiered memberships and reward badges with tags.
Moderation tools
See where problems are happening in your community, as they happen.
Content library
Easily import and organize your content to drive discovery, conversation and insight.
Mission control
Understand and act on what's happening in your community with Mission Control.